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Ways To Exercise

Exercise has to be something we do frequently and consistently if it is to be of use in making us healthy. This means that we have to look at many different ways to exercise which are not the normal expected exercise methods.

We all work and live in different environments, but in each situation we can use the everyday objects and situations around us to create ways to exercise that we can use conveniently any time. The important thing is to integrate it into or normal living patterns.

The ways to exercise given in this article are not to be considered as an excuse for not doing more vigorous exercise or following a planned fitness regime. They should be seen as being complementary, or replacing part of your regime where time is limited.


Ways to exercise while travelling

Ways to exerciseIf you travel to work or some other activity every day, this can be used to increase your activity levels. Ways to exercise while travelling include:

  • walk where possible. Get off the bus one or two stops early, especially if you save some money on the tickets
  • ride a bicycle to work, or to visit shops or friends
  • where you drive to work in a town, choose a car park in the suburbs and save money on cheaper parking


Ways to exercise at work

Use the stairsWhen you arrive at work or other destination, continue your exercise by finding ways to exercise which fit in with your job requirements

  • if you work in an office block, go and visit a colleague to discuss a point rather than phoning them
  • never use labor saving devices such a buttons to open doors for wheelchair access (unless you're in a wheelchair)
  • don't use a lift, unless the number of flights of stairs is unreasonable


Ways to exercise at home

Ways to exercise at home

The normal household chores can provide endless different ways to exercise, simple by the way in which you carry out the tasks. Perhaps the most important this is to increase the speed at which you perform the tasks.

  • gardening presents a multitude of ways to exercise. Vigorously cutting the lawn (not on a ride on lawnmower) and hedges. Stretching to prune shrubs and bushes. Digging the vegetable patch.
  • all DIY and maintenance jobs use energy and stretch muscles not normally used
  • tasks such as changing bed linen, vacuuming, dusting to music and other household tasks are excellent exercise. Set yourself time limits or deadlines to finish by.
  • avoid using the handrail when climbing stairs. Don't use it to pull yourself up. Avoiding it also means you use more core muscles to maintain stability.

Ways to exercise with hobbies

Ways to exercise while dancingSome hobbies can present you with excellent ways to exercise. Apart from the obvious part-time sports such as football and golf, other activities are also demanding in the amount of effort they demand

  • dancing burns calories at a fast rate and is a very good way to exercise
  • swimming, pilates, yoga and tai chi


With a little imagination we will find many ways to exercise throughout the day, and this all adds to our general level of fitness.


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