Benefits of walking for fitness and exercise.

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Walking For Fitness

Walking is one of the easiest and most beneficial exercises you can do. It doesn't cost a lot, and most people can fit walking into their schedule easier than other fitness regimes. This is why walking has become such a popular pastime and exercise method. It is a method of exercising, but it can also be fun and enjoyed by all.

Benefits of walking

The benefits of walking are varied and make it an important feature of anyones exercise plan.

  • Walking burns the same calories as running over the same distance.
  • It raises the heart rate, and exercises the heart without undue strain if you are reasonably healthy.
  • It improves blood circulation as the heart rate increases.
  • It can be a social form of exercise, and is a good way to meet and make new friends.

Walking Tips and Advice

  • Safety is important. Walk in well lit roads or paths, and at a time of day when there are other people around. Do not walk up dark ally-ways or in hidden areas such as woods or parks. The more people who walk together, the safer you will be.
  • Walk with clothing which enables you to be seen by drivers, especially when walking in the country. Face on-coming traffic, and use footpaths or sidewalks where they are available.
  • Walk different routes where possible. Its is good for personal safety that your routes are not predictable. Walking on a variety of surfaces and terrains is also good for exercise as your body gets used to routins, and is challenged more when walking routes are varied.
  • Wear suitable walking clothes. Shoes or boots should provide good support and be appropriate for the season. Your clothes should keep you warm, without overheating. Remember that any weight loss due to perspiration will quickly be replaced.
  • Walk at a speed which raises your heart beat, but at which you can still talk comfortably. A raised speed exercises your heart and improves circulation. Walking at 'supermarket' speedis not a good form of exercise, and will leave you feeling tired.
  • Build walking into your lifestyle. Walk to places, events, work and friends where possible rather than take the car or bus. It takes longer to walk, but build this into your life. Exercise takes time. With walking you can travel during that exercise time.
  • Walking with friends or family is a good way to socialise and stay healthy
  • Drink to replace fluid, but don't overdo it. At the end of a walk you should weigh the same as at the start.
  • Check the weather forecast. It is sometimes difficult to plan ahead in a variable climate, but be prepared for the worst. Ensure your mobile phone or cell phone is in a waterproof bag or container.
  • Enjoy your walk!