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Treadmill fitness works primarily on the cardiovascular system. It can also have benefits for other types of fitness although not as effectively. Power and speed, two aspects of fitness generally associated with anaerobic training ( i.e. without oxygen, such as sprinting or exercises involving maximal effort ), can be improved as the speed of the treadmill can be increased to introduce an anaerobic aspect to a training type that is generally considered aerobic.

Treadmill fitness training can be used as a means to improve overall fitness, progression of a VO2 Max (the maximal measure of aerobic fitness), or simply for fat loss. The suitability and versatility of treadmill fitness training comes from being able to set the treadmill to different intensities, e.g. working at 60-80% of your VO2 maximum is the optimum level for fat loss as an individual is training aerobically at a sustainable level.


Treadmills fitnessWhen compared to road running or training indoors on a hard surface, treadmills fitness training has specific health benefits. The running surface of a treadmill is sprung. Along with helping to prevent the jarring of joints, a sprung running surface will especially benefit ankle, knee and hip joints, as it will cushion the impact of each stride. The reduction of impact on joints will help prevent onset of arthritis and like conditions.

Treadmill fitness training will also present certain environmental benefits. Assuming that the treadmill is indoors, there are little effects from the surrounding environment, especially in an air conditioned gym, there is no rain or snow that a runner has to contend with.

The running surface on treadmills is also generally better than any normal surface a runner will meet either roads or on an indoor artificial surface, reducing chances of slipping and any opportunities for injuries that are associated. Treadmills fitness training and exercise equipment make life healthier and safer.