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Sports insurance companies and sport insurance

Sports insurance is something that is often overlooked by athletes and those participating in recreational sports. Where the athlete is competing professionally, sport insurance is a major part of their career planning. Should they suffer an injury while participating in a competition their career may be ended. Sports insurance may be the only option they have to rely on to sustain them financially for the rest of their lives.

Where an athlete is not competing professionally, sports insurance must still be part of their sporting plan. Problems can arise when participating in sporting activities that may affect their 'day job' or create long term health problems.

What should we consider when looking for sports insurance, and what options are available? -

Sport insurance for professional athletes

For a professional athlete, sport insurance is an important part of their career planning. Their mortgage, family life and future plans depend on their ability to keep competing in their chosen activity. When they suffer a sports injury that cuts short their career in sport, sports insurance will give them some measure of support in surviving this life changing event. This sport insurance is expensive, and only those involved in sport which has a strong financial structure and backing can afford it.

It should also be recognised that sports injury can sometimes lead to non-professionals having to abandon their chosen career through this injury. Where their job has a physical demand, injury in sport can prevent people from continuing in this job and so they are forced to leave. This may not be adequately compensated in sports insurance payments.

Sports insurance for sports injury treatment

Injury in sport can be very inconvenient. It can force you to take time off work, but may also mean you are not available to participate in your sport, for example as a team member. Many clubs and societies therefore find it advantageous to help athletes to have their injury attended to by the fastest means possible. This may mean a private visit to a consultant, and private treatment by other specialists. Sports insurance can provide the means to make this happen.

Sport insurance for sports equipment

Participation in some sporst is relatively inexpensive, while for other sports a substantial investment is required. Sport insurance can be obtained to cover equipment which can be broken or stolen. The more proficient the athlete becomes in his sport, the more specialist equipment seems to cost. In these cases, sport insurance should be seriously considered.

Sports insurance for sporting facilities

Sports organisations and clubs may have specialised premesis or buildings which need to be insured. Sports insurance in this case would need to take account of situations where there are multiple keyholders and a large number of visitors. There is no point in buyingsports insurance for a venue, and misrepresenting or minimising the range of activities taking place. Money spent on invalid insurance is money wasted, so consider your options carefully.

Sports insurance for sporting events

When a sporting event is organised, it is usually a public event. In this case it should be covered by public liability insurance. Sports insurance companies may have specialised options for different types of sports so it is important to check with a specialist.

Winter sports insurance

With more and more people going on skiing holidays and competitions, winter sports insurance is becoming a mainstream branch of the sports insurance market. Winter sports insurance is a specialised area, and includes cover for activities and possibilities not encountered in other sporting situations.