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The South Beach Diet is one that fits in well with the ethos of this site. It consists of three phases The first two are introductory, and the third phase is your diet for life. As with our exercise and fitness advice, your diet should not consist of special food and unusual eating habits, but has to be part of a sustainable lifestyle. The South Beach Diet is designed to be a long term approach to eating, rather than a quick fix. It has a more balanced set of recommended foods and eating patterns than the Atkins diet.

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Part of the South Beach Diets' success is its' use of the Glycemic Index. Foods which have a high Glycemic Index are burnt up fast and leave you feeling hungry in a short time. Foods with a low Glycemc Index are used more slowly with their energy released in a controlled way, and and are a better base on which to build a sustainable diet.

South Beach Diet Phase 1.

Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet should be followed for two weeks. As you might expect with an introductory phase it is the part of the diet where the food is most tightly prescribed. It is designed to enable you to lose weight quite quickly, but should only be followed for two weeks. It is not recommended as a long term diet.

In Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet you should avoid potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, fruit, milk, biscuits, sugar and alcohol. In other words, cut out carbohydrates and sugars. If you have been high Glycemic Index foods, your body will have been used to producing insulin in rushes to deal with this. South Beach Diet Phase 1 is designed to retrain your body, and to eliminate the need for these insulin surges, stabilising the demand. Your food intake should concentrate on chicken, lean meat, fish, eggs, low-fat cheese, nuts, vegetables and olive oil.

You will lose weight quite quickly in this phase, but remember that it is not a long term sustainable diet in itself, only a short phase.

South Beach Diet Phase 2

Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet is the re-introduction of fruit and low Glycemic Index carbohydrates such as pasta, wholegrain ceaeals, Granary bread and low-fat milk. You will still continue to lose weight, but not as fast as in Phase 1.

South Beach Diet Phase 3

Phase 3of the South Beach Diet suggests including three portions of whole grain and three portions of fruit per day. The main consideration in Phase 3 is that you avoid saturated fat and eat lean meat, and eat low Glycemic Index carbohydrates such as brown rice and pasta. Avoid sugar rich food and high Glycemic Index food such as white bread, sugar rich cereals and potatoes.