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Running Marathons

Running Marathons has become a pastime for many people in recent years. Some are running marathons to get fit and stay healthy. Others run marathons to have a goal or reason for fitness training. Whatever your reason for running marathons, it is important that you do it in a controlled way, with proper preparation and training.

When you set out to run for 26.2 miles, or 42.195 km, you have to prepare in a stepped fitness program. Running marathons is not something you can move into quickly, or take a passing interest in. You have to put in time and effort to train and exercise in a steadily escalating plan.

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Prepare for Running Marathons

Identify Appropriate Marathon

Some marathons are straightforward to enter. Others have a lottery.

Prepare a Marathon Training Schedule

You will be given a date for the marathon. Devise your training schedule by working back from that date.

Organize Marathon Logistics

Where are you going to stay? How do you get to the starting point? What happens after the marathon?

After the Marathon?

Train down or prepare for another marathon.