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We have provided links to a range of fitness and exercise resources which should be of interest to anyone visiting this site. If you would like to have your site added to our directory, you must provide a link to us first from your site. NOTE WELL:

  • We only exchange reciprocal links where you place our hard-coded text link on a static HTML page which is navigable from the default page via 2 clicks. We will not exchange links where our link is held on a database etc
  • We only exchange links with sites which promote fitness, exercise and health issues and products. Sites which promote drugs normally advertised via spam email, home business sites, and sites which promote race hate and pornography will not get a response from us.

Please use the following code when placing a link on your site:

<p><a href="">Fitness Through Exercise</a><br>
Fitness through exercise promotes fitness by introducing exercise and diet changes into real lives.</p>

Fitness Equipment Equipment used for promoting and developing fitness and exercise
Fitness Foods Health foods and supplements. Also includes advice on diet and nutrition.
Health Insurance Information on health insurance and critical illness cover
Fitness Information General information on fitness, exercise and health
Fitness Products A variety of fitness and exercise products
Health Products Health products
Fitness Professionals Professionals who offer advice, information and services.
Fitness Services Services provided by clubs and organisations.
Fitness and Sports Clubs Fitness and sports clubs
Search Engines search engines with sections on fitness.
Useful sites a range of sites delivering services and products for clients.
Business resources Business information for the fitness industry