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Muscular Strength Exercises

Muscular strength exercises are used to improve muscle strength and also to gain muscle size. When planning a strength training program, muscular strength exercises should be included as a major part of the routine.

Muscular strength exercises are exercises that work large muscles or large muscle groups to give maximum gains. They also have an impact on body appearance.

Choice of Muscular Strength Exercises

There are a number of key muscular strength exercises that can be used to develop and build the major muscle groups. Examples of these are:

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  • Bench press (strengthens the chest and arms)
  • Deadlifting (builds the lower back, hamstrings, forearms and shoulder muscles)
  • Power cleans (legs, core muscle groups, back and shoulders)
  • Olympic lifting (legs, core, back, arms and shoulders)

This set of muscular strength exercises are excellent at developing and using most major muscle groups thereby achieving maximum gains from a workout.

Performing Muscular Strength Exercises

When performing muscular strength exercises, the FITT principle applies (if you don’t know what this is, there’s a link to it from the main page of this site.) Frequency, Intensity, timing and type are important factors when undertaking muscular strength exercises.  Traditionally low repetitions, high intensity and a larger number of sets than normal can be used to see the largest gains from muscular strength exercises.  

For the best gains in muscular strength exercises you should consider a routine involving 5-7 sets of 1-4 reps per set of the heaviest weight that you can lift safely (* Safety is the most important factor when training so make sure you fully understand every exercise you do, train with a partner and know your limits). If you maintain this set of muscular strength exercises as part of an on-going exercise plan, you will see real gains in muscular strength and tone.