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Treadmill Fitness

Treadmill fitness exercises can be used to improve many different aspects of our health and body functions, however the main reason for using a treadmill is that it works primarily on the cardiovascular system. The most common method is to use a sprung treadmill in a gym, however many people have a treadmill in their home gym. Treadmills can be used to

  • improve overall cardiovascular fitness
  • improve an individuals VO2 max level
  • aid fat loss through burning fat

so a treadmill will be a valuable addition to any gym.

Benefits of Treadmill Fitness Exercise

Why run on a treadmill when you can go out onto the road and run as far as you want with no cost or access problems? Treadmill fitness training brings specific benefits to a fitness regime when compared with road running.


1) A sprung treadmill has a running surface which provides a softer landing zone than a tarmac road or concrete area. This means there is less potential for jarring of the knees. Treadmill fitness training also reduces stress on hips and knee joints. This ensures the period over which a runner can contiue to exercise is extended, when compared to road runners who may be restricted by by joint problems.

2) Rather than causing joint problems, treadmill fitness training can be a preventative measure with regard to arthritis. Regular exercise on a gental surface improves cardiovascular activity and burns fat. exercising joints carefully improves suppleness and reduces the effects of arthritis onset.

3) Treadmill fitness training provides an individual with a safer environment in which to exercise. You do not have any risk of attack by strange people or dogs. Road survaces can be uneven or slippery, while a treadmill has a smooth consistent surface.

4) The weather has no effect on treadmill fitness regimes. You can run in summer and winter, and whether it is sunny or snows.

Having a treadmill fitness regime is therefore one way of ensuring you get regular cardiovascular exercise, whatever the weather and road conditions outside. Use a treadmill at a fitness club, or invest in a treadmill for your home gym.