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It is the goal of the Fitness Through Exercise site to promote fitness by introducing exercise and diet changes into real lives. We are real people with all the day to day pressures and problems that real people encounter. it is vital that in the middle of this fast life we find time to introduce exercise. Without this, our bodies waste and we become unfit and unhealthy. Fitness can only be maintained where we make time in the day for steady and consistent exercise.

Exercise is only one half of the fitness equation. If we ignore our diet we will constantly be fighting against the effects of over eating and poor food choice. Improving our diet may simply be a matter of not buying cake and biscuits at the supermarket, and buying more fruit and vegetables. Whatever changes we make to our diet in an effort to increase our fitness, it has to be sustainable. There is no point in starting a specialist diet that we hate and is not going to provide us with the balance of vitamins and nutrients that we need for life. Our diet should be our normal daily intake of food.