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Cardio vs Strength Training to Lose Weight.

Cardiovascular Training to Lose Weight

Many people suggest that training to lose weight is most effective when undertaking a cardio training regime. Cardio (or cardiovascular training) is the name commonly given to the type of training that raises the heart rate consistently for a minimum period of time, usually between 20-60 minutes.

Cardio is most commonly undertaken in the gym on treadmills, cross trainers or rowing machines. It could be argued that to lose weight effectively by cardio, exercise bouts should last longer than 20 minutes.

The reason for this is that because carbohydrate is the bodies favoured food source it is used first, then fats, then proteins. For fat to be burned, the exercise session must be maintained beyond the initial period when carbohydrates are consummed.

Miocardial infarction tests showing heart attack or MI.Strength Training to Lose Weight

Strength training is commonly understood to be weight training. It can involve many different exercises such as Bench press, the squat, dead lifts or power lifts. Strength training is primarily used to build strength and grow muscle. The use of strength training could also be a component of an exercise regime planned to achieve weight loss.

When you lift weights, besides from the energy required to lift the weights in the training session, the body uses more energy in the recovery process. Building muscle and recovery from sessions uses up energy for any time between 48-72 hours after the session. This means that you are burning calories while you sleep as the body tries to repair itself from the training session. Free fatty acids are stimulated post-training. These are then able to be used as an energy source, burning fat.

To state which training method is best for weight loss remains a matter for debate. Regular exercise using variety of different methods is probably best as it combines many different techniques. When this is combined with a low calorie, low fat diet, weight loss can be readily achieved.